Ways to Make Your Loved One Feel Special This Thanksgiving


November is here, and that means the holidays are coming our way. The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, a great holiday that usually brings family, delicious food, and amazing desserts. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there! There is a lot more you can do for your loved one, especially if he or she is going to be in assisted living for the first time. This change in living situation may mean a change in holiday traditions, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are so many great ways you can show your loved one that you appreciate and love him or her this Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favorite ideas for taking Thanksgiving to the next level this year!

Ways to Make Your Loved One Feel Special This Thanksgiving

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take much to make a lot of difference for a loved one. We hope these simple ideas enhance your family’s Thanksgiving.

  • Do some favors.

    • Actions speak louder than words, and if you’re visiting your loved one in an assisted living community, consider expressing your love with actions. While being respectful of his or her space, you may still be able to find little ways to help out. For instance, you can do some dishes, ensure the television is set up correctly, or make the refrigerator more conveniently organized. Your loved one has assisted living care providers doing a lot of the major tasks, but you can still leave a lasting mark that tells your loved one who special he or she is.
  • Take a family photo.

    • Holidays are often the only times of the year in which families are all in the same place. Take advantage of this togetherness by scheduling a family photo session with a professional photographer. If you don’t want to go the professional route, you can still prop a camera on a tripod and take the photo yourself. Either way, you’ll document this rare moment when everyone is together. When you include your loved one, you show that he or she is still a valuable member of the family, a very important reminder for this person whether he or she is in the first or fifth year of assisted living.

  • Say thank you.

    • Though actions may speak louder than words, words have a special power that you can use to make this Thanksgiving better than ever. Telling loved ones how they have impacted your life for the better and thanking them for that is not just a great gift, it’s very important. The team at The Heritage will be working hard every day to make them feel valued and cared-for, but there’s nothing like the care that comes from family, especially during the holidays.
  • Write a personal letter.

    • Maybe you don’t feel comfortable expressing your thanks, or you have a lot to say. Take some time to reflect on your loved one and write down how important he or she is to you. You’ll be able to dive into memories or make lists. Best of all, your loved one can hold onto that letter and read it at any time.

Thank You for Letting The Heritage Be Part of Your Thanksgiving

At The Heritage, we feel privileged to play any sort of role in the wellbeing of your loved one. Whether your loved one already enjoys our community or needs to consider joining us, we are here to make the holidays all they can be. However, we don’t stop there. We work hard to make every year better than the last for our community.

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