Easy Activities To Try During Visits with Your Loved One

If you’re visiting your senior loved one, especially if you don’t get to do so often, you probably want to make the most out of your time together. You might be wondering about the different things you can do to make your visit fun for both you and your loved one, and if so, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore a few easy activities to try during visits with your loved one.

Low-Impact Exercise

Going for walks, gardening, dance classes, or crafting can be a fun idea to try out when you’re spending time with someone you care about. You might also want to try games that involve a bit of exercise, like throwing at catching a ball, walking from one point to another, or making specific movements. Charades, skeeball, or croquet make fun, low-impact activities.

Cooking or Baking

Cooking and baking is a fun activity, and it gives the lot of you something to do afterward. Working together to cook or bake lunch/dinner helps inspire both teamwork and conversation. Furthermore, when you’ve finished cooking, you’ll be able to settle down and eat together. This way, you can continue the conversations you were enjoying while you worked, but in a more relaxed setting.

Watching a Movie

You could take part in watching a show or movie that you both like if you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas. This is a good option if your loved one has limited mobility, has recently been sick, or might be a little tired after an already busy day. Sitting down together to enjoy some type of media will not only create some pleasant, quiet quality time, but also opens the opportunity for commentary after the movie is over.

Reading Out Loud

Listening to your loved one read out loud, or taking turns, is another simple way to have fun together during your visit. This is especially true if reading out loud is already something you did for fun with that loved one in the past.

Remember, quality time with your loved one does not have to be complicated. Most of the time, the person you’re visiting just wants to see you. Take it easy together and just try to have fun.