3 Ways a Pet Can Benefit Your Loved One

A senior woman smiling and hugging a cute dog

It’s natural to worry about an aging loved one, whether you live in the same home or you’re hours away. As a caring family member, you often do your best to spend time with the person you care about. However, that doesn’t often stop the worry you feel when you’re apart.

For this reason among others, you might be thinking about getting your loved one a pet. Let’s take a look at how this decision might positively affect this person’s life.

Benefits of Pets for Seniors

People who consistently have animals in their lives will often swear by the benefits this sort of companionship affords them. Whether we’re talking about a toddler or a senior adult, the relationships human beings have with animals can improve the individual’s quality of life in many ways.

Here are three things that having a pet can do for your loved one.


A pet provides their human counterparts with unconditional companionship. When an animal loves or values a human, that animal wants to be around constantly. So, if you’re worried that your loved one is lonely but he or she isn’t terribly interested in having an active social life, a pet can be great.

Mood & Health Improvements

When your loved one has a pet, he or she not only has a living thing to care for, but the animal in question has a person to care for as well. The bond that exists between humans and animals can be incredibly beneficial for both parties. Having a pet that has bonded to your loved one can improve his or her emotional and mental well-being. Additionally, playing with a pet, taking it for walks, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle together can improve the physical health of both the person and the pet.

Safety & Security

Whether your loved one has a massive guard dog or a simple housecat, having a pet around adds a level of safety and security to your loved one’s home. Pets can pick up on sounds, smells, and sensations in the air that humans aren’t aware of, so these animals can often alert their humans to potential dangers before they become an emergency.

A loyal dog, no matter how small, would do anything it could to protect your loved one, and a constantly alert cat can take notice of changes in the environment.

Even birds have been known to draw attention to their homes (screeching, flying around, etc.) when they notice that the person therein needs help.

Pets are fascinating creatures. They’re typically selfless and are willing to provide love and protection without asking for anything in return. If you want your loved one to have a friend that will always be by their side, a cat or dog is an excellent option to look into.