Tips for Comparing Assisted Living Facilities


The search for an assisted living community is a lot like searching for a house to buy: you are looking for a home. You’re looking for a place where you won’t just feel safe and comfortable, but also feel like you can thrive. It should have opportunities to connect and dive into your passions. It should be a new, refreshing chapter in your life. Many people see assisted living as a downgrade when it can really is an upgrade. The key is finding the community that fits you.

When we say “fits you,” it may sound like a simple concept. However, anyone who has looked for a home knows that it is anything but simple. You have to find a place that fits your budget as well as your needs, and it can take some looking. Oftentimes, the hardest part is just getting started. The good news is if you stay organized and patient, you can find your new home. In today’s blog, we want to take some time to discuss five areas to consider as you take tours.

Tips for Comparing Assisted Living Facilities

Your best living solution exists somewhere, but you have to find it. As we said, just getting started can be a significant hurdle. We recommend you use the following list of criteria to ask questions and compare the answers you get as you visit assisted living communities. Read on!

  • The Cost

    • Money is usually the first thing on many people’s minds when they assess a prospective living community. This is normal. You need to know that you can afford to settle into a place and have some peace of mind. Different facilities have different pricing structures, and this is good news because you can find a structure that works for you instead of struggling to meet some universal standard. You can pay for only what you need and not more.
    • Some assisted living centers provide comprehensive pricing that includes meals, residence, medication management, and help with ADLs. Others will have different levels of care with unique prices. Make sure you understand what the base price includes and then analyze what further care you need. Costs can add up rather quickly, so take your time to find the right fit for you.
  • Nursing Care

    • You will want to know just how much care the facility is licensed to provide to you. There should be no questions about what a staff can do to help you. You should know if they are licensed to manage your medications and whether or not there is a nurse in the building 24/7.

  • Healthcare Services

    • We’re talking about services beyond medication management and nursing care, services like on-site physicians, pharmacy services, behavioral health services, therapy services, home health services, and other support programs that can enrich your daily life. Assisted living communities have a great opportunity to create a healthy environment where residents can find comprehensive wellness in one place.
  • Licensing

    • Understanding the care you need will help you determine what kind of licensing you require in your chosen assisted living facility. No matter what level of care a facility claims to be able to give, you should always determine if it has the licensing to back it up. Care provided by unqualified personnel is no care at all, and any facility that fails to show you its licensing should be avoided.
  • Lifestyle Features

    • When you’re living in an assisted living community, it is extremely important to stay active and enjoying life. Your chosen home should engage your unique passions and interests. Many communities will offer a full calendar of activities and opportunities to learn new things and enjoy the other people in your community. A great facility will also provide transportation for its residents to activities outside the community, like concerts, volunteering activities, libraries, and more. At The Heritage, tea time, errands, Sit & Be Fit, apple cider and donut socials, and bowling are just a fraction of the activities we offer.

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