Getting Your Loved One Involved in Choosing an Assisted Living Community

A senior couple researching assisted living on a laptop

Approaching the topic of assisted living communities doesn’t always go over well with our aging or special needs loved ones. However, it’s certainly important to have the future resident get involved in deciding where they’re going to live. If you want to get your loved one involved, and help them think positively about the change, try the following approaches.

Don’t Focus on Their Limitations

Nobody enjoys being made to feel like a burden, and though your approach and intentions may be entirely pure, plenty of aging individuals won’t take it that way. If you want your loved one to move into a senior community because they’ve become limited on what they can do on their own, don’t open with that concern. Try approaching the topic by pointing out the positives associated with senior communities.

Talk About Amenities

A great way to get your loved one involved in choosing an assisted living community is to point out the different amenities available when living in these spaces. Make assisted living sound luxurious, because oftentimes, it is. Ask your loved one about the different amenities they’d like to take advantage of if they chose to live in a senior community. Take notes and focus on communities that offer those features.

Bring Them Along for the Tour

If your loved one has warmed up to the idea of moving into a senior community, book a few tours and bring them along. After all, your loved one is going to be living in one of these communities in the future, so it’s a great idea to include them in a physical visit. Let them take a look at the apartments, social areas, and more. This way, your loved one can “see” themselves living in the community that calls to them.

Be Patient

It’s important to realize that not all of these conversations are going to be welcomed by your loved one, even if you’re doing your best to be helpful. Change is hard, and sometimes an individual isn’t ready to make a change when the offer is presented. Don’t keep harping on your loved one when they have already shut down the idea.

Instead, give yourselves some time to simmer down and give the idea some thought before bringing it up again. Be patient with your loved one and validate their feelings.

If you’re considering an assisted living community for your loved one, reach out to Heritage Assisted Living to book a tour. One of our helpful community representatives will answer all of your questions and make you feel welcome in our home.