Common Questions About Assisted Living, Answered

A group of senior citizen men sitting around a table outside. Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.

As we go through the natural aging process, sometimes we need a little help. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from assisted living, especially for older adults who may be dealing with dementia or other age-related conditions.

However, making the decision to move into an assisted living facility is not an easy task. There are many questions to ask and options to consider, but we hope that this article will help address some of your queries and concerns. For more information on assisted living and senior care, please visit our website or give us a call today.

When considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to ask relevant questions so you can know what to expect and how best to plan ahead. Some of the questions we commonly hear at Heritage Assisted Living include:

  • How much does assisted living cost?
  • What recreation and activities do you offer?
  • How does healthcare work in an assisted living facility?
  • How will my needs and preferences be addressed?
  • What makes Heritage Assisted Living better than another facility?

The Cost of Care

Although many of the best things in life are free, assisted living is not one of them. With proper financial planning and assistance, however, it can be very affordable and beneficial to you or your loved one in the later stages of life. When considering the cost of assisted living, you should ask questions like, “What is the weekly/monthly/annual fee of care?” or “What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds to pay my bill?” 

There’s a lot to consider about assisted living costs, but by doing your due diligence and asking lots of questions, you can be more than prepared for whatever expenses come your way. Consider whether the assisted living facility you’re looking at has an upfront fee to move in, whether they can accommodate medical emergencies and hospital visits, and if you can expect fees to change over time or with changes in health condition.

Amenities and Activities

As we grow into our golden years, recreation and amusement become more important than ever to our health, mood, and social lives. So when you’re considering an assisted living facility, ask many questions about the activity calendar that the place has to offer. Whether it’s you or a loved one who will be staying there, you want your assisted living facility to provide you with adequate ways of having fun, interacting with others, and relieving stress. 

Some assisted living facilities have lower activity budgets than others, but at Heritage Assisted Living, we are fortunate and proud to offer enjoyable activities to residents every single day of the week. Some of our residents’ favorite activities include playing cards or bingo, going to afternoon matinees at the theater, getting healthy movement in with exercise classes, or petting a pup at an animal therapy session. 

There’s something for every resident to love on our diverse and full activities calendar. And on top of that, we also have a full-service dining area staffed by culinary professionals. From a strong start of buttermilk pancakes and bacon to a night-ending supper of sweet & sour chicken, our kitchen can accommodate a wide range of dietary needs and personal taste preferences.

Assisted Living and Health Care

Depending on the facility, some assisted living centers can or cannot accommodate medical and health care needs. When assessing different facilities, be sure to look into the types of care they offer. Other considerations may include their process of dispensing medications, how the staff manages various conditions and diseases, and whether nursing care is or is not available on site.

While we cannot speak for other establishments, at Heritage Assisted Living we offer several different levels of care. Those with special care or memory care needs have the staff and guidance they need, and respite care is available to help loved ones and their families too. Our general assisted living program is staffed with experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals capable of providing the best service in the New Jersey region. 

How You’ll Be Accommodated

Everyone likes to live in a unique way that suits their individual needs, which is why the transition to a new home in an assisted living facility can be so jarring. When you’re considering where to move, ask questions about logistics and limitations that the facility may have in place. For instance, do rooms come furnished, or can residents bring their own belongings? Are pets allowed? What about smoking and drinking on the premises?

At Heritage Assisted Living, for example, we offer five different room layouts ranging in size and design. All we ask of residents is to furnish their units to their personal taste, as they do not come equipped with furniture. You can learn more about what our room layouts by visiting our page on senior living apartments

The Heritage Difference

At Heritage Assisted Living, we know that making the decision to transition to a senior care facility is never easy or simple. But we want to make the move as stress and worry-free as we can, which is why we strive to give potential residents the answers to any and all questions they might have.

Whether it’s an inquiry about medical care or asking to see a menu or activities calendar, we can accommodate virtually any request you or your loved one may have. That’s the Heritage Difference, and we hope you’ll be open to exploring our family-owned community. Contact us today to learn more about why we’re not your average assisted living facility — we are so much more than that.