How Seniors Can Manage COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

A senior-aged woman peers out her balcony window, smiling. Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash.

In times of uncertainty, it’s natural for almost everyone to experience some kind of stress or anxiety. It’s no wonder then that the current climate of COVID-19 has shown at-risk populations, including older adults and senior citizens, to have some of the highest levels of worry and distress. Although these sentiments are valid, they don’t…

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Home Safety Tips For Loved Ones With Dementia

An older woman washes vegetable in a stainless steel kitchen sink. Photo by CDC on Unsplash.

When caring for an individual who has Alzheimer’s, there are many precautionary measures that may be implemented to ensure their personal safety. If you currently live with a loved one who struggles from dementia, it’s crucial that you take proactive steps to minimize their risk of injury or other complications. Home safety is one of…

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Common Questions About Assisted Living, Answered

A group of senior citizen men sitting around a table outside. Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.

As we go through the natural aging process, sometimes we need a little help. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from assisted living, especially for older adults who may be dealing with dementia or other age-related conditions. However, making the decision to move into an assisted living facility is not an easy task.…

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Avoiding Depression As You Age

A man sits on a brown wooden bench facing away from the camera. Photo by Huy Phan for Unsplash.

Depression knows no discrimination when it comes to background, social status, or age. Increasingly, older adults and senior citizens are reporting higher rates of depression, and it’s estimated that this statistic is still a gross underrepresentation of the affected demographic. Despite advances that have been made in mitigating misconceptions, there are lingering stigmas surrounding this…

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Tips for Communicating with Someone with Dementia

An older man and woman sit on a picnic blanket and look out over a rolling green landscape.

Dementia and other age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s can impede our ability to communicate with loved ones. Not only is it frustrating when you feel unable to convey a message, but this problem can also be extremely saddening, as loss of communication weakens our relationships. When this communication is lost with a close friend or family…

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How To Protect Memory Health As You Age

An older man with white hair reads a newspaper.

For any aging adult, memory health is one of the most crucial elements of wellbeing. Research has consistently shown that brain performance and memory retention tend to decline with the natural aging process. Fortunately, there are many ways to slow the rate of this decline and maintain brain health well into the later years of…

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What a Balanced Exercise Plan Looks Like for Seniors

Most of us know that staying active can help us live longer, healthier lives. But once you get older and your body doesn’t hop out of bed pain-free, how do you stay active? In our last blog, we discussed several misconceptions that keep people from rewarding, active lifestyles, but once you’re ready to be active,…

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Don’t Be Tricked By These Misconceptions About Aging and Fitness!

A majority of people tend to become more sedentary as they get on in years. This happens for many different reasons, including pain, weight, health, and fear of falling. Some people believe that exercise simply isn’t for them. However, exercise actually becomes more and more important the older you get. It not only can boost…

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Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

When your loved one lives in assisted living, it can make ordinary events seem a little different. Although this is more a matter of perception, there are a few things that do change. Typically, senior living apartments have less space than your loved one’s previous living space because downsizing helps reduce responsibility and stress that…

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